Monday, May 31, 2010

That Special Someone

Every so often you meet someone that is 'extra' special. Someone who stands out, not for what they say, but more importantly who they are. I have had the pleasure of knowing one of those special people for seven years now. She owns the dance studio where my youngest has learned not only to dance but to be a confident and strong 10yr old girl.

This weekend we celebrated the 10th anniversary of her studio. Now to some that may not sound like much. If you knew Carla, you would know why this is such a big deal. How many people do you know who have followed their passion and made a successful business out of it well before they have hit 30? All the while being true to who they are.

To the many dancers who have passed through your doors, you continue to inspire them to reach inside themselves; to be strong, to love and respect themselves and their peers. To be more than they thought they could.

For this I thank you! Here is to 10 more years of continued success!

Love, Michele xo

I am a Dancer

I was born into this physical world
Free from judgement,
Free from limitations of the mind.

I was born into this physical world
As an expression of love;
Love for self and love for all.

This love radiates beyond my words
For words are too feeble to express
The awe and the wonder of all that is
And what can possibly be.

My love is expressed through movement,
The orchestral harmony of body & soul.

As a dancer I enter your heart
And greet you like a long lost friend.

I can make you laugh with me,
Make you cry and feel joy with me.
Make you feel alive!

I dance as an example
Of a life fully self expressed.
Ready to take risks,
Ready to give all that I have.
Only happy when I am depleted
For I have lost myself &
With the music become one.

Knowing that I will gain more
When I have given all that I can,
I dance to wake you up, to remind you
The beauty of the unspoken word.

The heart connection that binds us all.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Mellado Dance Elite

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's to possibility...the journey of a lifetime!

Possibility never leads me down a path that I cannot grow from. It does not limit what is available to me - only my own perceptions do that.

Possibility can be my dreams and my nightmares, but it depends from where I am looking. Again my perceptions can deceive me.

Possibility can bring me comfort when I have forgotten to be hopeful. It allows me the permission to forgive my self with the option of being gentle and kind.

Possibility allows me to open my heart and to see the light that shines in another, even when they may have forgotten themselves.

Possibility will let me surrender myself to the unlimited realization of all that is with the option of it being more than I could hope.

Possibility is the abundance of the universe..the joy..the love..when I remember to let go of sorrow.

Possibility is our unlimited destiny waiting for our arrival. Never judging, always hoping that one day we will remember from where we came. A place of hope and love without limitations.

A place we find in our heart.