Saturday, August 29, 2009

Give And You Get So Much More In Return!

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My, where has the time gone? So much going on, so much learning and growth. So much more to do!

The summer is winding down. Vacation was so relaxing. New ideas were born that gave life to a long held desire. Thankfully my wonderful coach is helping me to put the steps into place so I can realize this long cherished dream! What a gift he is to my life!!

After the trials of the spring - well not just last spring - but the past year of financial strain and drain - I feel I have my spouse back again. What I mean by that is he is not letting his worry dictate his day. He is being authentic to himself and those around him. After a few wonderful exercises, suggested by my coach, we have a frame work that we both understand. Wow, it is quite wonderful the difference that has made!! This allows me to carry on with my business giving it the excitement and energy that it deserves!

On Tuesday, I have a one day workshop with our local school board around a workshop program that I would like to facilitate for parents and those who have youth in their life. I am excited for the possibilities of what this program will do for families and for the future of my own business.

We - as in a handful of people in my community - started a Youth Society for our city. That is proving to be so amazing and rewarding! We are conducting a logo contest for the month of October through all of our middle and high schools. Being able to have a direct impact on youth programs, through our fundraising and community efforts, is quite an empowering feeling!

I would love to hear what others are doing that "fills" them up inside. What energizes you and inspires you? What tips would you like to share with this community? When you give you get so much more in return.

I would like to say a sincere thank you for being a part of my community!

With love,

Michele xo

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Adaptability to Change...

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Social and technological changes are impacting our world at the fastest rate ever experienced by humans. What is this doing to our children?

"The world our kids are going to live in is changing four times faster than our schools" ~ Dr. Willard Daggett

This is what makes it vital for our society to rethink how we do the things we do - parenting, education, preparing our children for a future that we have no concept of what it will look like.

How our children will learn and function effectively within our society is largely based on how well they adapt to change.

Within that - the ability to adapt - they need to feel that they are capable and be confident in their ability to learn and succeed. - Personal efficacy.

They need to feel that their life has meaning and purpose.

We wonder why children - and they are - join gangs or clubs - it is a sense of belonging. That need is so vital - we cannot underestimate the impact that a sense of belonging has on a human being - any human being - not just a child.

Children will seek affirmation from dangerous places if they do not feel that in their lives in other ways

Add into the equation a busy home life - parent(s) working hard and not home very much. Surviving to keep up without the connection and conversation with their kids that reinforces the perception that they are indeed needed in a positive way.

We need to connect with the young people in our lives. Not just when we are frustrated. We need to affirm that they are loved and cared for.

Safe boundaries are very important and are required in many different ways. It is no longer - be home when the sun goes down - or for me - when the street lights come on. It is knowing where they are and who they are with. What activities will they be up to? Computer time - limits - both in time and content.

Children have more access to information than their grandparents had in a lifetime - in ONE day!

How well we adapt to change has an impact on the young people in our lives. This world is changing and changing fast. Does it mean it is all bad? No. We cannot adapt a pessimistic view.

We cannot also forget our know the one. The one we agreed to when these wonderful children came into our lives. Yes it challenges us! Yes it can make us crazy! But do not forget - we chose it - on some level we did. So get over it and embrace it.

Change will happen with or without us - we cannot afford to be left behind. Our kids are depending on us!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Building Resiliency - An Interactive Discussion

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This is a focus of my business and one that I feel so very strongly about. There are many keys to resiliency. Modeling them for the young people in our lives is a great way to reinforce the effectiveness. As we know, we will all experience the ups and downs of daily life. How we handle them and rebound is based on our belief in ourself and our ability to control the outcome. Are we a victim or can we choose to look at things a different way?

Lets look at a couple of ways to start:

Personal Efficacy

"Efficacy is the power to achieve a desired goal. Students with personal efficacy know that they as individuals control what is learned based on a belief in their abilities to apply effort and achieve a goal."

Creating positive attitudes and belief systems & using learned optimism to change negative thinking patterns

I like this one because it reminds us that even though we may not always practice it - you can retrain yourself to be optimistic. Nothing is hopeless unless you choose to see it that way.

"Optimism – reacting to setbacks from a presumption of personal power. Bad events are temporary setbacks, isolated to particular circumstances & can be overcome by my effort and abilities."

Putting them into play:

What resiliency principals do you practice? How have they helped you through a difficult situation? I would like to start this as an interactive discussion. We all benefit from each others experiences. So if you can share...that would be fantastic!!

This is just a let's get the ball rolling!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 you have it or don't you?

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Choice. Top to bottom, start to is all about choice! We are on a journey of choice. Oh so exciting, the endless possibilities of it all...pick and choose, it is all right there. We have choice!

Or do we?

Yes, we can pick what we eat, what we wear, what we think...or do we?

How closely have we examined those choices? Do we think of our own basic needs; hunger, clothes to serve a function - warmth, keeping cool etc., and what about thought...well of course we control those...don't we???

What do we do that we are fully in choice about?

Is it too much to think about the collective impact of our choices? Have we become so far removed from each other that we cannot 'see' our connection?

Even though the global population has never been higher. The ways to communicate with each other, no matter the distance, has never been easier. Information is at our finger tips, literally. It is a world 'on demand' and ready to go.

Yes, we live in a world of convenience. Well...for those who can afford it.

We do not have to sew our own clothes anymore. There are lots of countries with many young workers willing to take care of our sewing, high fashion needs. We don't have to really cook any more. We can buy fully prepared food at our local grocery store and just warm it, nuke is ready to be consumed. We can go to a fast food place - please do not make me wait more than two minutes for my 'food' - and get enough calories for a couple of days and take many, many more to digest or process the already over processed delight that we called dinner.

Thank goodness we are at choice!

We do not have to succumb to pressure on how to live, decorate, dress, eat, we are human beings with the capacity to make informed decisions. Whew! We are at choice.

We know that we need rain forests, agriculture, a thriving eco-system, healthy oceans, clean air, water...oh yes, clean water, the animal kingdom and natural resources.

We know that we need to work with - not control, live in harmony - not discord with this planet that we call home. Yes, yes, thankfully we are humans beings with the capacity to see the big picture and our place within the synchronicty of it all.

For a minute I was getting worried. Silly me...I thought we forgot our connection with everything and anything, all and nothing. I thought we forgot that war was never the road to peace, control and domination for a few lead to the suppression of many more. Power over instead of power with creates the cycle that never ends...

I am relieved. We are creative beings in the process of creating the life that we see.

Thank goodness we are at choice to make that look however we wish!

Sound simple??

It is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love to my son...the big one!

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Yesterday, I felt so full of sunshine and love. Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel like you glow? Yes, yes, I wasn't that. This came from a deeper place. That knowing inside that we are all connected. We are on this journey with each other to experience life. Some days I just want to smile at everyone I meet and tell them I care!

It is about remembering who we really are.

We are love in its purest form. We have wisdom and knowledge. We have the tools to navigate what we draw into our life. No, it doesn't always feel that way when we are being challenged. Especially when it involves our family.

A friend of mine yesterday was telling me about a hospital visit she had to make to see a special young man who had defied the odds in his life so far. Here he was again, fighting for his life at 19 years old. My eldest son will be 19 this year. I started to think of him. Where was I inside with my feelings towards him - frustration, annoyance, love, more frustration?

Hmm...why did I forget that this is his journey? Why did I forget that the lessons he has to learn are for him...and not me? We are a very openly loving family, but when was the last time I had told him that I loved him? That is a big one for me. I say that frequently in our house, but when did I last tell him that?? Why did I forget that his life is just as precious?

Why hadn't I looked past frustration for a while to see the wonderful person that he is?

I wasn't so much mad at myself as I was disappointed. When did it become about me?

I made a decision that I was going to tell him how much I care more openly and freely. I was going to choose where to be with my feelings and separate them from him, as a person.

Today is about love. It is about holding my highest thoughts about who he is and remembering our agreement. That this is his journey. I will do my best to guide and provide what I should as his, a home, food.

He wondered why I was crying when I gave him that big hug...and then he thanked me. Wow, it had been a while!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


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Sending love and sunshine to all out there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Under Construction!

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This past while has certainly been about change in my life; for many reasons. Career, family you name it! Sometimes the changes go unnoticed; subtle...bit by bit. Other times it seems as though demolition is happening and get out of the way our you end up in the dumpster!

Either way it is always happening. We are paying attention or we are not. It is that simple.

When it is the in-your-face kind of change, well that seems to put us more into reactionary mode. It is hard to learn from that place. When it is subtle, it is easy to miss if you are not present to it.

So how do we find the middle ground; whether we are living in our bubble or slaying the next dragon?


It sounds so simple...and it is. But try it and see how successful you are at it. It is amazing how we can go through a day on 'auto pilot' mode.

Test yourself for one day and see how you do. How many decisions do you make consciously?

When you get an understanding of how unconscious you are, then you are at a level of conscious incompetence. We tend do go back and forth between a few different levels. Hopefully moving more towards conscious competence, then onto unconscious competence.

The goal at the end does not happen without the journey along the way!! It is through the learning that you become who you are and will be.

Do not try to skip any of it, just be aware of it! As your personal awareness increases you will notice when you are climbing up and down the steps of competence.

Either way, enjoy might as well! We will live in bubbles and slay is just going to happen. Maybe with your heightened awareness, you will get the cool boots that go with the Dragon Slayer costume...I mean really, a girl is always about the shoes!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Humble Thanks

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I have not posted for a while. That does not mean I haven't written many, on the contrary, probably more than usual. Once complete, I found I had 'processed' through something and then didn't think it would be of interest to I didn't post them.

Then the guilt of not posting set in. Oh, I know that is a perspective that I chose to attach to it. I still chose it though! So much has transpired since my last post. Reading a beautiful post from somebody's soul this morning has given me the courage to get back on the horse.

I realized the therapy from writing, that not only happens for ourselves, can be a window for someone else. By giving our highest gift, our true self, that is by no means something to sluff off thinking, who would be interested anyway? I am sorry for taking that so lightly.

So for this post I say a heartfelt, Thank You! To all of you bloggers who put yourself out there, uncensored and in your full beauty. The world needs this connection...this meeting of the souls...our humanity and unity are so evident when borders, race and religion do not factor into the picture. We are one!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flight Of The Hummingbird

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A time for peace, cleansing and healing. A time to admit that what I am seeing is that which I create. I am a product of my thoughts and words are my sword or my song. Which one do I choose?

Can I look at my fears and say, "So what! What is the worst you can do? And then what after that?" Or can I choose to be something else. Is my lack of courage in that...the choice of something else that is less familiar? Is that why I return to something that I know...even if it muddies things up? has a familiar feeling to it. Like a long lost sweater that has worn out its use.

Time to choose where to go. Do I have the courage of my desires or the fear of my nightmares?

Can I fly and stay in the same place at the same time? Can I be a Hummingbird? Can I reach in and bring out the beauty that is just waiting...ever so patiently? Can I show courage in the face of my fears and see that it was all an illusion created for me, by me and all about me?! How vain am I!! Why do I entertain my ego so much...I can laugh at my silliness.

I choose to dance in the rain and heal the hurt that I have allowed to permeate my pores. Wash it clean and let me get back to what I know. That all thoughts that are born of the heart sing the sweetest song of all. No more jumping in the mud. My warts are not that attractive. It is time to take flight!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life At The Amusement Park...

Rollercoasters...I must admit I enjoy them...but only for so long. Upside down ones? No thank you, I like my lunch where it is supposed to be. The thrill, the rush, the wind in my hair...all great stuff. The highs give intense anticipation and a sense of what is to come next....the FALL!

Yes, that is what life seems to be offering these days at my house. Why, oh why did I get the life time pass just to save a few bucks?! :)

Does your life feel this way to you sometimes? Just when you think you are on track and moving in the direction you starts speeding! Before you know it your are going in circles even though it feels like forward progress! Why are we revisiting the same places over and over in our life?

I would hazard a guess, with my rational brain when it is not upside down in chaos, that there is learning that could be happening. Besides the obvious of not having a four course meal before embarking on the ride!

Maybe, for the next little while....I think I am going to need a bib!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Time For Rebirth

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On such a beautiful day it is hard not to think that spring is finally arriving. The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the daffodils have flowered and the sun is shining. It might only be for a day, but it is great none the less. Spring is a time for rebirth & renewal. Life begins its cycle all over again. What a perfect time to look inward and find the seeds of change.

We are very resourceful beings with access to much more than we utilize. We tend to be busy chasing after something rather than cultivating what we have already. Nurturing and caring for ourselves, body, mind & spirit, will be time well spent on ensuring your own healthy growth and development. We are never really finished in that department. There is always more to do. My father-in-laws farm always requires tending. Neglect will not yield healthy fruit & vegetables. The animals would not survive. It is a balance that needs to be maintained. It is vital for survival.

Our own self requires this mindful tending as well. Spend time in nature, exercise outdoors, read an inspiring book. There are many ways to connect with yourself and bring balance back to a hectic schedule. Find beauty in that which is around you and you will always find peace in your heart. Enjoy the sunshine...even when it rains...look inside and be the beam of light!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Counting My Blessings...

I must admit, I am in a different place than I was in my last post. I had to become present with my feelings in order to know where to go with them. I was feeling a lot of pressure and fear. It is hard to make decisions from that place. Once I put it out there, I could make another choice.

I am choosing gratitude and abundance. How appropriate on this weekend to come to the realization that I am so blessed. I have a wonderful family that I love so dearly. They are the very reason that I am doing what I am doing. The lessons they teach me each day by just being is such a gift. They live fully and true to themselves and who they are. Not who they think they should be. My children love me, as all children do, unconditionally. What more could a mother want?

So on this holy weekend, remember our blessings. Choose where you wish to put your thoughts and love those close to you. Unconditionally.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

Where are you with yourself right now? How connected are you with who you really are? I want to know what that question means to you?

How connected or disconnected are you with the following question:

What do you know you already know and are afraid to look at or acknowledge?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, only your very own experience. Let’s create the connection by starting the conversation.

Where are you with yourself right now?

Me, well I am trying to not be scared. Which of course is not where I should be focusing my attention - scared. I know I should be putting my thoughts to that which I wish to achieve.

Funny how even though we all know this, it is so easy to loose focus when tension rises at home.

How quickly I can go back to old habits of retreat & protection.

That is so far from what I really want to do!!! I want to reach out, take a risk and make connections with people.

I am going to be with myself and not with my emotions. Reconnecting with me would be a great place to start!

My emotions are indications of what is going on, but they do not have to dictate the outcome.

Where are you with yourself right now? And where would you like to be?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A School of Thought....

Schools have transformed learning from one of the most rewarding of all human activities into a dull, fear-laden, boring, fragmenting, mind-shrinking, soul-shrivelling and often painful experience. ~Living The Field

I read this and wondered how many people see school this way? We try to educate, inspire, excite, challenge, and engage our children into learning. How are we doing it? Those are the intentions, but is that the result? Do we have to fit that into parameters so that we can control, conform, mould and discipline within a limited perspective?

This seems in contrast to what we are trying to achieve! Does the boulder make it up the hill or only some of the times? And when it does, is that what we call a victory? Are we too focused on the end result or do we remember where the learning and growth happens....on the journey along the way. If we look at each journey, will it always be on the same path? If that were so it would be so easy to follow in someone else's steps....and also so very boring! We are creative beings in the process of creating each moment! How then can we expect a predictable neat and tidy result at the end of secondary school?

Are we teaching our children or inspiring them to come up with the questions? They need to know we need them to do that! We also need them to search for the answers. To trust that they are vital, worthy and cared for. To know they are here to make change...not just follow what is already there.

If we want them to be inspirational risk takers and not follow that worn path they need to be respected, loved and embraced by a society willing to admit we haven't got all the answers yet. We need to start asking our own questions rather than just doling out the wisdom.

Creation is born out of open heart and an open mind!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Show me the...inspiration!

I would like to hear what you are up to. What is moving you and why? What are you doing about it? What inspires you...meditation, long walks, going for a run, reading a book, writing, painting? Maybe it is getting involved...volunteering, coaching sports, youth groups, at a hospital or hospice? Let me know what wakes you up...what gets the fire going...and what is the impact that it is having on you and those in your life. I can't wait to hear back...

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Trip From Neverland....

These are very exciting times to be alive in. Yes, we are in the midst of a recession that is monumental in every way. On the flip side there are a lot of positives if we are willing to look and see what is there. Change doesn't seem to come easy when we have so many involved. There will always be resistance. Despite that resistance what we can see is inspirational. We can see a growing number of people realizing the power of intentions and thought. A quick trip to your favourite book store will give you more than ample selections to choose from in this field. Speaking of 'the field', I don't know about you but, I am absolutely fascinated by (and cannot wait to read the latest on) theoretical quantum physics - super string theory. Science and the metaphysical world are starting to come together. We are so blessed to have the beautiful writings of so many in the 'know' who have been able to reach a larger audience than ever before. This is no co-incidence. There is a beautiful understanding that comes out of merging the science with those inner knowings that we have. It is like we are bringing our pieces that we perceived to be separate together. A home coming.
Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Yes, it can seem scary sometimes. It is easy to feel 'victim' to it due to all of the fraud that we have to watch out for. I myself had my bank cards skimmed a few times. No it is not a comfortable feeling. What it does do is raise my awareness. Where am I shopping and what are my habits? I can internalize the learning in order to limit my vulnerability. If I freeze up into protection mode, then I am not learning and expanding. It is a choice.
Speaking of choice, that is what this existence is all about. Our level of awareness to make conscious decisions and come out of the unconscious world is what we are here to experience. What does the unconscious world look like? That world looks pretty much exactly like what we have created to this point. A cycle of repeated mistakes. When we choose to look outside rather than inside to find a solution we forgot to include ourselves in the process. How many people do you know who go to church and are just going through the motions? Not fully buying in or understanding all that is said? How many political parties do we vote in just because they were the lesser of the 'evils' (only a phrase)? Why do we hand over our right to choose and give it to someone else? Why do we not ask questions that are burning inside? Why do we let a few lead and guide us and then be so dissatisfied with the mess of the world and the economy? Why, why, why??? Why did we forget that we have a part to play in all of this? Why did we forget to be conscious creators and stop giving up our power to others? Why bother to complain when we created this mess? Yes, we did. We all did.
I started off this post by saying that there is good news amongst all of the bad. And there is. Out of all of this chaos is the opportunity to make change. To step into the realm of consciousness and realize the part we all play in our personal world and that which is around us. This is not the time to run and hide. This is the time to pay attention. To listen. To learn. It is vital for our survival to make choices that serve us, our communities and our place in this world from a level of consciousness with higher awareness. In this information age with what we need at our finger tips, use it. Seek to understand without judgement. For in understanding there is room for change. Without judgement there is room for growth. With compassion we can see ourselves in others and realize that we are all in this together. We all have different experiences which colour the lens that we view life through. No two people will view it the same. The sooner we realize and accept this, then my friends can we see the way to peace.
There is a growing movement of awareness reaching out. Look inside yourself and see what speaks to your truth. Start from that place and you will not go astray. It might be a wild ride that takes you to highs (and lows) that you never imagined at the outset. At least you chose to be on it. In the amusement park of life, you are on a ride anyway. Isn't it better that you choose the one to go on...and if you didn't like the outcome, picked another? There isn't a choice that is wrong, just the one that you forgot you were making. Jump in, get involved...this is the ride of your life!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Food for thought....

Why bother with this relative world if not to know yourself in your own experience? And how else to do that except through the encountering of that which you are not?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Gift For Our Kids...

I set out on this coaching journey knowing one thing - reach the kids. Small, medium, doesn't matter their size. What matters is them. Each individual sole. So precious. Each with a gift for the world. As a parent we see our children at their best and at our wits end! It gets easy to confuse the two sometimes. As a teacher, they see potential. Realized or not quite yet, but potential none the less. They see what we parents do not always wish too...and sometimes not enough of what we 'know' is there. We all want the best for our kids. So how do we sort that out? Where do we begin?

Let us begin with the kids. This is their life...their journey. We are their guardians, educators, and taxi drivers. We feed and clothe..protect and aid...shuttle to sports and music...give them what we did not have. These are noble and worthy achievements but hopefully there is more. Not more in the goods and services the kids from this generation seem to require. No. More in the way of awareness. Awareness for themselves and control in their own life. Yes, control. As a parent that seems to be what we want more of - control. That way we can control the outcome that we most desire. I think we can trust that we have learned that skill already. How about letting our kids have a crack at it? I do not mean to let go of parental responsibility. That is our job and what we signed up for. What I do mean is this - having a different kind of conversation with your child about their day. The kind of conversation that asks questions about who they were being - serious, playful, silly, dreamer, get the idea. There is no right or wrong answer here. Only an answer. Children could be many of those moods in one day (as can we!). Find out about one. Ask how they enjoyed (or not) that way of being and why. Would they be that same way again in a similar situation? How could they be another way and what might the outcome be? Remember, no right or wrong. What you are doing is helping them realize that they are at choice. What they choose impacts the outcome that they see. Do not try to influence the choice (safety first, you are the parent!). Letting a child realize that they can control their own experience is a wonderful skill for them to practice. I have seen my kids take a frustrating situation and turn it around (for themselves) the next time by changing their own attitude - not by looking for someone else to change first. This is not something we can experience for them. What we can do, as the taxi driver on the way to the next important event, is get the conversation going. Be a curious taxi driver from another country who not only has great questions, but great ears for listening because it is all brand new. This is not our been there done that. This is their life, their day, their adventure. We owe it to them to be fully present. Isn't this the best gift we have to offer anyway?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best of Intentions....

I think at some point in our lives we have all experienced or been aware of the effects of positive intentions. Our thoughts are very powerful. It can be easy to forget that when we get caught up in the day to day of our lives - going through the motions rather than intending them. There is huge difference in what you experience between the two. More and more society is again waking up to fact that what we perceive greatly influences how a situation will impact us. With that in 'mind', how can we not 'see' that what we get in life is our own creation? It is easy to think that you have no control - that life is happening to you. Well, that is simply not the case! You are intending your life at every moment - whether at a conscious level or a subconscious level. When you bring that into your own awareness - what you percieve you will concieve - how does that affect your thought patterns?
You might be thinking, "That isn't true" - you intend to win the lottery everytime you buy a ticket! (I think we all do!) But how are you intending it? When most of us consciously create our thoughts (such as that lottery win), we do it with our old negative thought pattern as our base. "When I win - If I win - I never win but will try - Oh how would I spend that money" - all of this will not get you where you are looking to go. Carefully pay attention to what thoughts you are creating. Thoughts of the 'wanting' or 'if only' kind do create exactly what you intended - they leave you wanting if only! Stepping away from the lottery win, how are your thoughts creating the outcome in your day to day lives? Spend some time pondering this. You might surprise yourself with what you discover. Think of a situation that didn't turn out the way you would have liked and think - Who was I being? What were my thoughts? How did my thoughts affect my actions and what was the outcome?
When was the last time you considered your actions this way? We often ask another, or our kids, "What were you thinking?". It is easy to look at another and shake our heads. How closely have we examined ourselves this way? Remember to love yourself as you would your best friend. This is not an exercise in beating yourself up. That will create an outcome, but probably not the one that would best serve you or the others in your life. Science has proven for sometime that intention creates outcome. Close observation of your own life will confirm this as well. You always control your reaction to situations, that alone will affect your experience.
With this in 'mind', what will you create for your day? What will you intend? Your old thought processes run at a deep subconscious level in your body (not just your mind) - awareness is the key. Be kind to yourself as you work towards being a conscious creator. Which in turn might lead to a more understanding response when someone in your life makes a casual 'unconscious' remark with the best of intentions.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspired kick in the....

I received this in an email (below). Boy does it hit home! With so many people worrying in these turbulent times about just getting makes you think about how you are going to do that. If we retreat to taking care of things the way we are used to - just doing what needs to get done, then are we really doing what we can? If we live in the limited perspective, "that is the only way", well that will be the only way. But what are the other perspectives? How can we take some very trying times and look at it differently? Can we really just expect our politicians, financial experts and corporate minds to fix what is broken without participating? We all have opinions and often have no problem making those heard in our own small circles....well, time to step up! It is time to look inside before we look outside for the answers.
"Money is not the issue. Having the courage to give your highest gift is the issue.There is no security in doing something for a living when you are dying inside while doing it. That is taking care of the body at the expense of the soul. And a withering soul cannot help but produce a withering body.So do not think you are "taking care of yourself" by killing your spirit to keep your body alive. How long will you put off what you are dying to do?" ~Neale Donald Walsch

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wake up!

Are you in the drivers seat - or a passenger in your own life's events?
If you have ever had the privilege to watch a child play you will have noticed something that we loose as we become grown ups in a serious world - we loose our sense of curiosity! Children explore uninhibited. As an adult we find that scary and dangerous. Why? What are we afraid of??
What stops us from having the experience we wish to have? Think about it!! Where do you stop yourself? Where have you drawn the line in your life? Better yet, why? Can you answer that? Do you have a story attached to it? If you do, haven't you grown tired of it? How long will you hold on to limiting beliefs until you realize they are not serving you? It is time to let go people! Explore, be curious about your own life. It is your experience. Why not make it engaging and meaningful to you? Don't you owe yourself that much...stop hitting the snooze button...time to wake up and create a life of curious, it's your life!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Gift of Friendship

This has certainly made for a week of reflection. I am reminded to stay in the present moment and focus on the here and now. Somehow I find myself becoming melancholy. It's funny how life reminds you how precious each moment you think I would appreciate what is right in front of me. Instead I find myself thinking back....somebody else's trials and tribulations bring a remembrance of struggles gone by. My circle of friends are feeling pain this past week, both physically and emotionally. My heart aches for them.
I am present with the joy that they bring to my life. That is where the richness of life comes in. Although there may by trying times right now, the people involved are not the struggle. That does not define who or what they are. They are gifts, each one of them. Illuminating, beautiful and strong. My wish is that these trying & challenging times will become a period of growth. A gift that they can pass on and share as seeds of knowledge for hope and happiness.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To a friend...with love

A very good friend of mine is making some very tough decisions today.
She is an incredible person with a tender heart that is a guiding light in her world. Unfortunately it probably feels as though that light doesn't always reach where she would like it to go most. That is the hard part. Watching your loved ones travel down a path where they are hurting; first themselves, then those who watch.
We may not always understand another persons journey. The lessons they need to learn and why. What we can do is remember our own. Be the love you wish to see. Be the courage that makes the hard choice. Be the light that reminds us of our true selves. When we cannot remember because it hurts, be still and just be. Our resources are all there inside, available to us, just waiting to be heard.
To my dear friend, just be you today. Know that your are a precious gift that keeps unravelling the beauty & love within.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting there...

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