Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wake up!

Are you in the drivers seat - or a passenger in your own life's events?
If you have ever had the privilege to watch a child play you will have noticed something that we loose as we become grown ups in a serious world - we loose our sense of curiosity! Children explore uninhibited. As an adult we find that scary and dangerous. Why? What are we afraid of??
What stops us from having the experience we wish to have? Think about it!! Where do you stop yourself? Where have you drawn the line in your life? Better yet, why? Can you answer that? Do you have a story attached to it? If you do, haven't you grown tired of it? How long will you hold on to limiting beliefs until you realize they are not serving you? It is time to let go people! Explore, be curious about your own life. It is your experience. Why not make it engaging and meaningful to you? Don't you owe yourself that much...stop hitting the snooze button...time to wake up and create a life of passion...be curious, it's your life!

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