Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's to possibility...the journey of a lifetime!

Possibility never leads me down a path that I cannot grow from. It does not limit what is available to me - only my own perceptions do that.

Possibility can be my dreams and my nightmares, but it depends from where I am looking. Again my perceptions can deceive me.

Possibility can bring me comfort when I have forgotten to be hopeful. It allows me the permission to forgive my self with the option of being gentle and kind.

Possibility allows me to open my heart and to see the light that shines in another, even when they may have forgotten themselves.

Possibility will let me surrender myself to the unlimited realization of all that is with the option of it being more than I could hope.

Possibility is the abundance of the universe..the joy..the love..when I remember to let go of sorrow.

Possibility is our unlimited destiny waiting for our arrival. Never judging, always hoping that one day we will remember from where we came. A place of hope and love without limitations.

A place we find in our heart.