Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flight Of The Hummingbird

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A time for peace, cleansing and healing. A time to admit that what I am seeing is that which I create. I am a product of my thoughts and words are my sword or my song. Which one do I choose?

Can I look at my fears and say, "So what! What is the worst you can do? And then what after that?" Or can I choose to be something else. Is my lack of courage in that...the choice of something else that is less familiar? Is that why I return to something that I know...even if it muddies things up? has a familiar feeling to it. Like a long lost sweater that has worn out its use.

Time to choose where to go. Do I have the courage of my desires or the fear of my nightmares?

Can I fly and stay in the same place at the same time? Can I be a Hummingbird? Can I reach in and bring out the beauty that is just waiting...ever so patiently? Can I show courage in the face of my fears and see that it was all an illusion created for me, by me and all about me?! How vain am I!! Why do I entertain my ego so much...I can laugh at my silliness.

I choose to dance in the rain and heal the hurt that I have allowed to permeate my pores. Wash it clean and let me get back to what I know. That all thoughts that are born of the heart sing the sweetest song of all. No more jumping in the mud. My warts are not that attractive. It is time to take flight!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life At The Amusement Park...

Rollercoasters...I must admit I enjoy them...but only for so long. Upside down ones? No thank you, I like my lunch where it is supposed to be. The thrill, the rush, the wind in my hair...all great stuff. The highs give intense anticipation and a sense of what is to come next....the FALL!

Yes, that is what life seems to be offering these days at my house. Why, oh why did I get the life time pass just to save a few bucks?! :)

Does your life feel this way to you sometimes? Just when you think you are on track and moving in the direction you starts speeding! Before you know it your are going in circles even though it feels like forward progress! Why are we revisiting the same places over and over in our life?

I would hazard a guess, with my rational brain when it is not upside down in chaos, that there is learning that could be happening. Besides the obvious of not having a four course meal before embarking on the ride!

Maybe, for the next little while....I think I am going to need a bib!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Time For Rebirth

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On such a beautiful day it is hard not to think that spring is finally arriving. The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the daffodils have flowered and the sun is shining. It might only be for a day, but it is great none the less. Spring is a time for rebirth & renewal. Life begins its cycle all over again. What a perfect time to look inward and find the seeds of change.

We are very resourceful beings with access to much more than we utilize. We tend to be busy chasing after something rather than cultivating what we have already. Nurturing and caring for ourselves, body, mind & spirit, will be time well spent on ensuring your own healthy growth and development. We are never really finished in that department. There is always more to do. My father-in-laws farm always requires tending. Neglect will not yield healthy fruit & vegetables. The animals would not survive. It is a balance that needs to be maintained. It is vital for survival.

Our own self requires this mindful tending as well. Spend time in nature, exercise outdoors, read an inspiring book. There are many ways to connect with yourself and bring balance back to a hectic schedule. Find beauty in that which is around you and you will always find peace in your heart. Enjoy the sunshine...even when it rains...look inside and be the beam of light!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Counting My Blessings...

I must admit, I am in a different place than I was in my last post. I had to become present with my feelings in order to know where to go with them. I was feeling a lot of pressure and fear. It is hard to make decisions from that place. Once I put it out there, I could make another choice.

I am choosing gratitude and abundance. How appropriate on this weekend to come to the realization that I am so blessed. I have a wonderful family that I love so dearly. They are the very reason that I am doing what I am doing. The lessons they teach me each day by just being is such a gift. They live fully and true to themselves and who they are. Not who they think they should be. My children love me, as all children do, unconditionally. What more could a mother want?

So on this holy weekend, remember our blessings. Choose where you wish to put your thoughts and love those close to you. Unconditionally.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

Where are you with yourself right now? How connected are you with who you really are? I want to know what that question means to you?

How connected or disconnected are you with the following question:

What do you know you already know and are afraid to look at or acknowledge?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, only your very own experience. Let’s create the connection by starting the conversation.

Where are you with yourself right now?

Me, well I am trying to not be scared. Which of course is not where I should be focusing my attention - scared. I know I should be putting my thoughts to that which I wish to achieve.

Funny how even though we all know this, it is so easy to loose focus when tension rises at home.

How quickly I can go back to old habits of retreat & protection.

That is so far from what I really want to do!!! I want to reach out, take a risk and make connections with people.

I am going to be with myself and not with my emotions. Reconnecting with me would be a great place to start!

My emotions are indications of what is going on, but they do not have to dictate the outcome.

Where are you with yourself right now? And where would you like to be?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A School of Thought....

Schools have transformed learning from one of the most rewarding of all human activities into a dull, fear-laden, boring, fragmenting, mind-shrinking, soul-shrivelling and often painful experience. ~Living The Field

I read this and wondered how many people see school this way? We try to educate, inspire, excite, challenge, and engage our children into learning. How are we doing it? Those are the intentions, but is that the result? Do we have to fit that into parameters so that we can control, conform, mould and discipline within a limited perspective?

This seems in contrast to what we are trying to achieve! Does the boulder make it up the hill or only some of the times? And when it does, is that what we call a victory? Are we too focused on the end result or do we remember where the learning and growth happens....on the journey along the way. If we look at each journey, will it always be on the same path? If that were so it would be so easy to follow in someone else's steps....and also so very boring! We are creative beings in the process of creating each moment! How then can we expect a predictable neat and tidy result at the end of secondary school?

Are we teaching our children or inspiring them to come up with the questions? They need to know we need them to do that! We also need them to search for the answers. To trust that they are vital, worthy and cared for. To know they are here to make change...not just follow what is already there.

If we want them to be inspirational risk takers and not follow that worn path they need to be respected, loved and embraced by a society willing to admit we haven't got all the answers yet. We need to start asking our own questions rather than just doling out the wisdom.

Creation is born out of open heart and an open mind!