Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A School of Thought....

Schools have transformed learning from one of the most rewarding of all human activities into a dull, fear-laden, boring, fragmenting, mind-shrinking, soul-shrivelling and often painful experience. ~Living The Field

I read this and wondered how many people see school this way? We try to educate, inspire, excite, challenge, and engage our children into learning. How are we doing it? Those are the intentions, but is that the result? Do we have to fit that into parameters so that we can control, conform, mould and discipline within a limited perspective?

This seems in contrast to what we are trying to achieve! Does the boulder make it up the hill or only some of the times? And when it does, is that what we call a victory? Are we too focused on the end result or do we remember where the learning and growth happens....on the journey along the way. If we look at each journey, will it always be on the same path? If that were so it would be so easy to follow in someone else's steps....and also so very boring! We are creative beings in the process of creating each moment! How then can we expect a predictable neat and tidy result at the end of secondary school?

Are we teaching our children or inspiring them to come up with the questions? They need to know we need them to do that! We also need them to search for the answers. To trust that they are vital, worthy and cared for. To know they are here to make change...not just follow what is already there.

If we want them to be inspirational risk takers and not follow that worn path they need to be respected, loved and embraced by a society willing to admit we haven't got all the answers yet. We need to start asking our own questions rather than just doling out the wisdom.

Creation is born out of open heart and an open mind!

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