Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life At The Amusement Park...

Rollercoasters...I must admit I enjoy them...but only for so long. Upside down ones? No thank you, I like my lunch where it is supposed to be. The thrill, the rush, the wind in my hair...all great stuff. The highs give intense anticipation and a sense of what is to come next....the FALL!

Yes, that is what life seems to be offering these days at my house. Why, oh why did I get the life time pass just to save a few bucks?! :)

Does your life feel this way to you sometimes? Just when you think you are on track and moving in the direction you starts speeding! Before you know it your are going in circles even though it feels like forward progress! Why are we revisiting the same places over and over in our life?

I would hazard a guess, with my rational brain when it is not upside down in chaos, that there is learning that could be happening. Besides the obvious of not having a four course meal before embarking on the ride!

Maybe, for the next little while....I think I am going to need a bib!

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Natalie said...

You and me both, Michele. :D