Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To a friend...with love

A very good friend of mine is making some very tough decisions today.
She is an incredible person with a tender heart that is a guiding light in her world. Unfortunately it probably feels as though that light doesn't always reach where she would like it to go most. That is the hard part. Watching your loved ones travel down a path where they are hurting; first themselves, then those who watch.
We may not always understand another persons journey. The lessons they need to learn and why. What we can do is remember our own. Be the love you wish to see. Be the courage that makes the hard choice. Be the light that reminds us of our true selves. When we cannot remember because it hurts, be still and just be. Our resources are all there inside, available to us, just waiting to be heard.
To my dear friend, just be you today. Know that your are a precious gift that keeps unravelling the beauty & love within.

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