Saturday, May 23, 2009

Under Construction!

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This past while has certainly been about change in my life; for many reasons. Career, family you name it! Sometimes the changes go unnoticed; subtle...bit by bit. Other times it seems as though demolition is happening and get out of the way our you end up in the dumpster!

Either way it is always happening. We are paying attention or we are not. It is that simple.

When it is the in-your-face kind of change, well that seems to put us more into reactionary mode. It is hard to learn from that place. When it is subtle, it is easy to miss if you are not present to it.

So how do we find the middle ground; whether we are living in our bubble or slaying the next dragon?


It sounds so simple...and it is. But try it and see how successful you are at it. It is amazing how we can go through a day on 'auto pilot' mode.

Test yourself for one day and see how you do. How many decisions do you make consciously?

When you get an understanding of how unconscious you are, then you are at a level of conscious incompetence. We tend do go back and forth between a few different levels. Hopefully moving more towards conscious competence, then onto unconscious competence.

The goal at the end does not happen without the journey along the way!! It is through the learning that you become who you are and will be.

Do not try to skip any of it, just be aware of it! As your personal awareness increases you will notice when you are climbing up and down the steps of competence.

Either way, enjoy might as well! We will live in bubbles and slay is just going to happen. Maybe with your heightened awareness, you will get the cool boots that go with the Dragon Slayer costume...I mean really, a girl is always about the shoes!


Natalie said...

I am fairly sure that i am doing quite well at this. :D

Hope you are o.k., I was wondering.xx♥

Michele Cronkhite said...

I am sure you are as well! Life is just activities going crazy right now, work and writing for the new site. Like everyone else, so much to do in little time! ;)