Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Building Resiliency - An Interactive Discussion

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This is a focus of my business and one that I feel so very strongly about. There are many keys to resiliency. Modeling them for the young people in our lives is a great way to reinforce the effectiveness. As we know, we will all experience the ups and downs of daily life. How we handle them and rebound is based on our belief in ourself and our ability to control the outcome. Are we a victim or can we choose to look at things a different way?

Lets look at a couple of ways to start:

Personal Efficacy

"Efficacy is the power to achieve a desired goal. Students with personal efficacy know that they as individuals control what is learned based on a belief in their abilities to apply effort and achieve a goal."

Creating positive attitudes and belief systems & using learned optimism to change negative thinking patterns

I like this one because it reminds us that even though we may not always practice it - you can retrain yourself to be optimistic. Nothing is hopeless unless you choose to see it that way.

"Optimism – reacting to setbacks from a presumption of personal power. Bad events are temporary setbacks, isolated to particular circumstances & can be overcome by my effort and abilities."

Putting them into play:

What resiliency principals do you practice? How have they helped you through a difficult situation? I would like to start this as an interactive discussion. We all benefit from each others experiences. So if you can share...that would be fantastic!!

This is just a let's get the ball rolling!

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