Friday, March 6, 2009

A Trip From Neverland....

These are very exciting times to be alive in. Yes, we are in the midst of a recession that is monumental in every way. On the flip side there are a lot of positives if we are willing to look and see what is there. Change doesn't seem to come easy when we have so many involved. There will always be resistance. Despite that resistance what we can see is inspirational. We can see a growing number of people realizing the power of intentions and thought. A quick trip to your favourite book store will give you more than ample selections to choose from in this field. Speaking of 'the field', I don't know about you but, I am absolutely fascinated by (and cannot wait to read the latest on) theoretical quantum physics - super string theory. Science and the metaphysical world are starting to come together. We are so blessed to have the beautiful writings of so many in the 'know' who have been able to reach a larger audience than ever before. This is no co-incidence. There is a beautiful understanding that comes out of merging the science with those inner knowings that we have. It is like we are bringing our pieces that we perceived to be separate together. A home coming.
Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Yes, it can seem scary sometimes. It is easy to feel 'victim' to it due to all of the fraud that we have to watch out for. I myself had my bank cards skimmed a few times. No it is not a comfortable feeling. What it does do is raise my awareness. Where am I shopping and what are my habits? I can internalize the learning in order to limit my vulnerability. If I freeze up into protection mode, then I am not learning and expanding. It is a choice.
Speaking of choice, that is what this existence is all about. Our level of awareness to make conscious decisions and come out of the unconscious world is what we are here to experience. What does the unconscious world look like? That world looks pretty much exactly like what we have created to this point. A cycle of repeated mistakes. When we choose to look outside rather than inside to find a solution we forgot to include ourselves in the process. How many people do you know who go to church and are just going through the motions? Not fully buying in or understanding all that is said? How many political parties do we vote in just because they were the lesser of the 'evils' (only a phrase)? Why do we hand over our right to choose and give it to someone else? Why do we not ask questions that are burning inside? Why do we let a few lead and guide us and then be so dissatisfied with the mess of the world and the economy? Why, why, why??? Why did we forget that we have a part to play in all of this? Why did we forget to be conscious creators and stop giving up our power to others? Why bother to complain when we created this mess? Yes, we did. We all did.
I started off this post by saying that there is good news amongst all of the bad. And there is. Out of all of this chaos is the opportunity to make change. To step into the realm of consciousness and realize the part we all play in our personal world and that which is around us. This is not the time to run and hide. This is the time to pay attention. To listen. To learn. It is vital for our survival to make choices that serve us, our communities and our place in this world from a level of consciousness with higher awareness. In this information age with what we need at our finger tips, use it. Seek to understand without judgement. For in understanding there is room for change. Without judgement there is room for growth. With compassion we can see ourselves in others and realize that we are all in this together. We all have different experiences which colour the lens that we view life through. No two people will view it the same. The sooner we realize and accept this, then my friends can we see the way to peace.
There is a growing movement of awareness reaching out. Look inside yourself and see what speaks to your truth. Start from that place and you will not go astray. It might be a wild ride that takes you to highs (and lows) that you never imagined at the outset. At least you chose to be on it. In the amusement park of life, you are on a ride anyway. Isn't it better that you choose the one to go on...and if you didn't like the outcome, picked another? There isn't a choice that is wrong, just the one that you forgot you were making. Jump in, get involved...this is the ride of your life!

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