Saturday, August 29, 2009

Give And You Get So Much More In Return!

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My, where has the time gone? So much going on, so much learning and growth. So much more to do!

The summer is winding down. Vacation was so relaxing. New ideas were born that gave life to a long held desire. Thankfully my wonderful coach is helping me to put the steps into place so I can realize this long cherished dream! What a gift he is to my life!!

After the trials of the spring - well not just last spring - but the past year of financial strain and drain - I feel I have my spouse back again. What I mean by that is he is not letting his worry dictate his day. He is being authentic to himself and those around him. After a few wonderful exercises, suggested by my coach, we have a frame work that we both understand. Wow, it is quite wonderful the difference that has made!! This allows me to carry on with my business giving it the excitement and energy that it deserves!

On Tuesday, I have a one day workshop with our local school board around a workshop program that I would like to facilitate for parents and those who have youth in their life. I am excited for the possibilities of what this program will do for families and for the future of my own business.

We - as in a handful of people in my community - started a Youth Society for our city. That is proving to be so amazing and rewarding! We are conducting a logo contest for the month of October through all of our middle and high schools. Being able to have a direct impact on youth programs, through our fundraising and community efforts, is quite an empowering feeling!

I would love to hear what others are doing that "fills" them up inside. What energizes you and inspires you? What tips would you like to share with this community? When you give you get so much more in return.

I would like to say a sincere thank you for being a part of my community!

With love,

Michele xo

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finally found a blog of my choice!!!but am not able to "follow" it!!!nice work ma'm!